Lasercut Christmas Ornaments


So this blog has been silent for a while because I’ve been busy making things at NextFab. Now that the presents have been distributed and the surprise is over I thought I’d share what I’ve made. I spent the fall working on Christmas ornaments with my wife. We drew, designed, and cut out a whole slew of ornaments. Some were more general holiday themed like reindeer and snowflakes. Some were more personalized like giraffes and trains fro my nephews. Here they are:

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The process was unique for each of these but the general sequence was a hand drawn sketch or a picture from the internet, traced in Inkscape, exported to Adobe Illustrator for final processing, and cut out on a Troctec laser cutter at NextFab. For a few of them (the toolbox and train), they started as a Sketchup drawing that I screen captured and traced in Inkscape. The final touch was adding some string through the laser cut hole (or hot gluing it on in a few cases).