Field Notes

Back in March I got my first set of Field Notes and I recently completed my first notebook with them. I love writing in notebooks but in the past I’ve struggled with two problems: trying to separate different things into different notebooks and forgetting the notebook. Field Notes encourages you to put everything in one place, saying:

“I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now”

And they fit in your pocket so you always have it with you.

I used mine for everything:

a well used Field Notes notebook

I used it for math and recipes:

math and recipes

I used it for scheming:


I used it for sketching:


I used it for derivations:


I used it for more scheming:

more schemes

I used it to figure out fractals:


And it can be used for many, many more things:
the many, many uses

Here’s the before and after as I start on my next one:
before and after


I really loved having this on me all the time. I was able to keep track of a lot more of my ideas and I reduced the random scraps of paper that usually accumulate and have to try to hold onto. It doesn’t replace a full lab notebook for writing down detailed setups but I don’t do that very often and I know when I am going to do that. This is perfect for that aha moment you have in the middle of a plane ride or sitting out in a backyard watching your dog get tangled up again and again. I plan on using these over and over again.

Oh and I’ve switched around the pocket I carry it around in and its already reducing the wear and tear a bit.


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